“My arthritis flared so bad in my ankles, I could barely walk. I started taking CBD oil, sublingually, about a month ago. I’m positively mobile now, no pain, and I’m sleeping like a rock. I’d like to add that I don’t drink or do recreational drugs, so it was a big deal for me to even start taking CBD because I was skeptical.”

” I too was skeptical. I have a lot of pain from arthritis, making it difficult to sleep. I do not want to take pain medication and stopped taking naproxen when it wasn’t helping anymore. I started taking a small dose of CBD oil in the morning and at bedtime, and I can now get more comfortable to sleep.”

“I am a retired Pharmacist. For decades, I have suffered moderate lower back pain. For years, I have had arthritis pain in my thumbs. CBD oil has reduced by back pain by about 95%, but has done nothing for the arthritis in my thumbs. It is not a cure-all, but it does help some things.”

” I don’t know why but every day I wake up with at minimum, a super stiff back. Normally it’s always constant back pain. With CBD, it can actually make me pain free. I will never stop singing it’s praise. It doesn’t affect my mind. It doesn’t seem to have harsh side effects, especially compared to pharma pain relievers. All I’m saying is this is not weed. This is a gift from god(and I’m an atheist).”

” My nephew have autism and doctor prescribe CBD low dose and it help him
It works for anxiety and a good night’s sleep. I know!”

“High quality CBD tinctures have proven highly effective with animals – I use some on both of my goldens to help mitigate the effects of hip dysplasia and arthritis. No one can tell me that they know they’re supposed to move better, have more energy and generally feel better because of it. It DOES work – at least on dogs and other domestic animals.”

“For the last 20 years I never got a complete night of sleep. 10 mg of CBD oil a night before bed and I have been sleeping all night- every night.”

“Regardless of FDA testing I KNOW without ANY doubt whatsoever that CBD has been EXTREMELY helpful with my back and foot arthritis pain! I can’t say if it’s from reducing inflammation, acting as a “muscle relaxer”, actually reducing my pain levels or just activating my cannabinoid system and THAT’S doing it all I KNOW without ANY reservations is it works AMAZINGLY well for me with my specific problems and MASSIVELY increased my range of motion so much even my doctors are impressed!”

“I have a sibling with Tourette’s. Most of his life, he took pharmaceutical drugs that did very little to keep his tics and coprolalia under control. Now he uses cbd with low levels of THC and it’s amazing how it has changed his life. You would never know that he has Tourette’s now as it is completely under control.”

“I have arthritis and chondrocalcinosis. There are times at night when I can’t walk to the bathroom without the use of a cane. When I use CBD cream I don’t have that problem. This is my blind study.

” I am a registered nurse. To say I was skeptical of CBD would be a huge understatement. I also had bursitis in my hip for 4 years. All the doctors could suggest was steroid shots which I didn’t want to start. A friend offered me some CBD cream to try. To make a long story short, I put a tiny bit of the cream on my hip four times about a week apart. (That’s not how it’s recommended but I didn’t know what I was doing.) Twenty-one months later, my hip is still fine. I can sleep on my left side and I walk normally. To be honest, I can’t believe it helped but I’m not arguing with the results.”

“I started taking CBD oil 2 months ago and in that time I’ve been able to stop taking my prescribed pain medication for my knee arthritis. It has also improved my anxiety and depression and overall day to day mood. I would choose a bottle of CBD over pain meds any day now.”

“I used Ambien for 7 years. It is, a bad drug. Coming off Ambien was the hardest thing I’ve ever done- tons of withdrawal symptoms. That was a year ago- still struggle a good night sleep. Tried CBD- for me, it’s been awesome. Might be all in my mind- but results are the same.”

“I run the CBd stick on my ankles after a long shift. In 5 mins the inflammation and soreness is gone.”

“We have a 17 year old cat with arthritis. Since taking Pet CBD, she’s moves along with more ease and more quickly, sometimes running. I believe the science just needs to catch up.”

“I saw the buzz about CBD oil and decided to try it. I began taking it every day. I stopped drinking soda, cut white sugar and flour from my diet and began walking 5 or so miles a day. I feel AWESOME. That CBD oil is the best!”

“I know for a fact that the CBD balm works for pain because i have been able to stop taking naproxen now after depending on it for past 5 years I do not know for sure the oral stuff doing good but I still take it and maybe I can get off tramadol and tylenol eventually.”

“Been using CBD oil morning and night for two years. Ran out for a couple of months and my anxiety episodes which had “gone” for the two years, came back big time. Got back on the 750 CBD and back to being my happy self.”

“I have been using CBD oil 10 drops under the tongue. For my Huntington’s d. for four weeks , its helped with my movements, walking, speech and now can sleep all night. I love how this stuff works for me in only a short time. I am in my 60s , and my Doctor told me about the CBD oil to try.”

“I have had on going neck issues. While tylenol will cut the neck pain, CBD products are the only thing aside from prescription muscle relaxers that I have found that relieve the stiffness.”

“In my experience CBD helps nerve pain better than any pill I ever took in the 40+ years of dealing with my disability. I was in constant pain 24/7 because a nerve bundle got pinched in my knee during the last surgery. Hydros did nada on nerve pain!”

“I have been a #$%$ patient since Feb.this year.I take 50 mg.CBD daily.Before I was taking 1000 mg. of ibuprofen 3 times a day for over 10 years. I have not had to resort to pills since I started. PAIN PILL FREE FOR OVER 9 MONTHS.Works for me!”

” CBD muscle rub works great. Much better than any icy/hot or bengay”

“I gave CBD to my dog on the 4th of July, and let me tell you, I know for a fact that it does something. She wasn’t nervous at all when we watched fireworks from the window and they were lighting up the living room. A lack of science research does not mean it wouldn’t be easy to figure out whether or not it works.”

“I’ve seen all the proof I need. Friend – 45 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, wheel-chair bound by 50. His wife drove from TX to CO to buy CBD and CBD/THC blend. He’s out of his wheelchair, walking, ambulatory and functional. It took less than a year.”

“My son has had anxiety attacks most of his life. He’s a grown man now and for the first time in over five years he doesn’t have to take prescription medicines. CBD oil works for him and I for one am very thankful for that. He is doing so much better.”

” One of my close friends and school mates wife was diagnosed with brain cancer 16 years ago. We all thought she was a goner only in her early 30s. He started to work with different strains of cannabis and secretly making his one CBD oil to help her with pain as she was going through all her treatments. Eventually it was legalized and he no longer has to hide what he is doing…his wife is still alive and if it wasn’t for the oils she would have never lived through the treatments. I doctors where perplexed how how she was doing so well they never admitted to what he was doing for fear there 5 children might be taken away.”

“My brother has epilepsy from brain trauma do to a car accident and for years he struggled with the cocktail of drugs he was taking and it ultimately led to him developing severe bi-polar disorder. Recently he started taking CBD and it has been night and day difference for him.”

“My Step- Mother has been Seizure free for the first time in her life, off of traditional meds on solely on CBD. I have frequent boughts of intense anxiety and traditional meds for that make me feel very ill and do not work half as well as CBD. I have gone from laying in the floor stomach in knots, heart beating intensely, shortness of breath and barely able to speak to laughing and joking around with friends in 10 minutes or less with the right CBD.”

“I SUFFER from back pain for ten months going back and forward to the doctors with NO relief. My son told me about CBD and I started doing my resource. I decided to try it. OMG . 95% of my pain is gone. THIS STUFF WORKS.”

” CBD oil has helped my 81 year old Mother who has numerous back,knee,shoulder issues & she is not one to ” BS ” & her doctors had her on all kinds of medications that only benefited them( every doctor in america gets a kick back for any & all prescriptions they write for a patient ) She was prescribed many unnecessary drugs that caused more harm,than good & she told me several months ago,when she started trying CBD oil,once a day in the morning,she can now stand up straighter & her pain which is constant,is now greatly reduced & she sounds better too!”

“I tried on my arthritis and it helped with about 90% of the pain. CBD will get the recognition it deserves when the big pharmaceutical companies start making a profit on it.”

“My neurologist encouraged me to take CBD in my drinks for my brain injury. I have cut down my otc meds by 1/2 …;I can’t count the no of migraines I have avoided by drinking CBD. Bottom line…CBD works.”

“CBD helps reduce my shingles related nerve pain. And my joints are more flexible.”